go ahead, sample as you pick

Where to pick?  Pretend it's your farm and pick where you want.  Some of our customers say that other blueberry farms do not allow sampling.  However, we think that it is almost cruel to be around such beautiful, delicious berries and not be allowed to taste. We encourage you to sample. Ask Rod to show you his calibrated blue-tint teeth color chart. If you laugh, he'll likely share some more humor. We sincerely want you to enjoy your BLUEBERRY HAVENS experience.

Come Prepared!!

Best time for U Pick is the early morning or late afternoon.  Come when you can? 

Dress comfy.

You might want to wear a hat?

Bug spray might be helpful?

Don't forget you sunscreen!

A belt works well to hold the bucket, so you can pick with both hands.

Books at Blueberry Havens

There is even a lovely used bookstore for you to browse! There are used, rare and out of print books.   Find a good book, learn something new, keep your brain sharp.  Blueberries may help with this too.


We have one gallon buckets for you to pick your berries in for $8 dollars a gallon  Please return the buckets because we re-use them.  You may bring your own containers to pick with or to carry the berries home with you.  We also have bags for you to take them home in.  We will pick them for you for $14 dollars a gallon.  Please call ahead for availability. If you can't come to the farm and live in Auburn/Opelika, we can bring them to you. We like cash or checks.


purchase locally

freshness & flavor

your community


We are a real, working Alabama Blueberry Farm! We have 220 acres with over twenty thousand plants. We do not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, nor fungicides.Season is mid June and usually goes into August.  Call us.

Rod Havens, Life Long learner and addicted to books

Our blueberries are fun to pick, to eat, and share with your friends.  They're full of healthy benefits too!  If you want us to pick them for you, better call ahead to make sure we have them ready for you.

Some stores call Florida or Michigan blueberries locally grown?  Rod Havens and the persons who pick the blueberries live in this community.  Your purchase helps them and the local economy.  Thank you!

Know your farmer and how he grows your  blueberries.  We use no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides on your berries.